Tomato Salad

My Tomato Salad

Hello, my name is Vicky, and I’m a snacker.

So, as you can imagine, trying to lose weight and snacking poses a bit of a problem. I’ve been finding ways to make yummy snacks for myself that are healthful and yummy at the same time.

One thing I’ve been doing that works well is a really simple tomato salad. I just cut up about a cup of tomatoes, squeeze lemon juice of half a lemon over it, sprinkle about half a teaspoon of salt on the tomatoes, and a teaspoon of good olive oil to the mixture and toss it all together! Makes a super yummy snack, in my opinion.

And really, any veggies can be added to this if you’re not as in love with tomatoes as I am. I think some cubed cucumber would be good here, some thinly sliced onion would be a good flavor booster… there’s lots of options.

So, let me know if you try it and what variations you come up with!