Paterson Farmer's Market

A new experience!

My husband and I were running some errands and I realized we were near the Paterson Farmer’s Market. I’ve heard it’s a great market with great prices, so we made a little detour there on the way home.

It was great and wow, amazing prices. (Now, it’s not all Jersey stuff, which I would love, but that often makes you end up with high prices for mildly better produce.) Definitely will be making this a weekly stop since we really saved a bunch of money. It’s a much more interesting place to buy produce than Shoprite.

So as we were sitting around, taking a rest before moving on to other errands, I thought, “I bet strawberries taste good with a little lemon juice sprinkled over them.” I was right! What a great, vibrant combo… I just cut up the strawberries into little bite-size pieces, cut a lemon in half, and squeezed some juice over the strawberries. It wasn’t a huge addition of flavor, but it definitely gave the strawberries a little fun kick. Really woke up the taste buds. Will definitely be doing that again. And I’ll probably try a ¬†little squeeze of lemon on more things now!