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Caramelized Apples

My Caramelized Apples

I told you about my snacking problem in the last post.

Well, when I’ve been stuck at home for 2 days because of a hurricane, I end up wanting to snack a lot, so I’ve been coming up with healthful, yummy snacks.

Today, I tried this. Heat up a cast iron skillet to medium high heat (doesn’t have to be cast iron, but the high heat it carries helps with the caramelization process). I cut up an apple into chunks (I think I might try thinner pieces next time to get more surface area to touch the pan) and I put them in a bowl and mixed the up with a teaspoon of sugar. I put 1 teaspoon of olive oil in the pan and when it was nice and hot, threw the apples in. Don’t stir them around too often because you want to let them get caramelized and mixing them too much won’t allow them to do that. I probably cooked them for about 10 minutes and that’s it!

This ends up being just 1 Weight Watchers point because of the oil.

Try it out!

Tomato Salad

My Tomato Salad

Hello, my name is Vicky, and I’m a snacker.

So, as you can imagine, trying to lose weight and snacking poses a bit of a problem. I’ve been finding ways to make yummy snacks for myself that are healthful and yummy at the same time.

One thing I’ve been doing that works well is a really simple tomato salad. I just cut up about a cup of tomatoes, squeeze lemon juice of half a lemon over it, sprinkle about half a teaspoon of salt on the tomatoes, and a teaspoon of good olive oil to the mixture and toss it all together! Makes a super yummy snack, in my opinion.

And really, any veggies can be added to this if you’re not as in love with tomatoes as I am. I think some cubed cucumber would be good here, some thinly sliced onion would be a good flavor booster… there’s lots of options.

So, let me know if you try it and what variations you come up with!

Barley-Asparagus Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar (image from

Barley-Asparagus Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar (image from

Update: After making some other Weight Watchers dishes, I don’t believe I’ll be making this one again. It’s a little odd for reheating, and we definitely end up with a bunch of leftovers. Just doesn’t quite make the cut anymore. But still worth a try, I’d say. You may disagree with me.

Ok, so here it goes.

So my husband and I decided to do this whole weight loss thing a little backwards. AFTER our wedding. I mean, I’m sorry, I just had too much to do to think about eating right. ANYway, so we just started Weight Watchers and I’ve been trying out their recipes. Today is “Barley-Asparagus ‘Risotto’ with Balsamic Vinegar.” Their description for this dish is “Our spring risotto is just as delicious as those made with traditional arborio rice, but much less labor intensive.” Sounds good to me!

Two issues came up for me with this recipe. First, it’s got Balsamic Vinegar in it. Ok, husband can’t have too much of that; very acidic, causes his acid reflux to flare up pretty easily. Well, I noticed it really wasn’t that much vinegar in there for the entire dish: 2.5 tablespoons. So I figure if I put in 2 teaspoons, we’ll still get the flavor and little bit of acidity the dish needs and it’s little enough that it didn’t seem to cause heartburn. (It’s not always obvious what caused any heartburn he has.)

Second, the recipe calls for quick-cook barley, but I couldn’t find any of that at the grocery store so I settled on the regular stuff. I figured, all the quick-cook stuff is pre-cooked and then dried barley, so I’ll just under cook it in water and add it to the recipe at the specified time.

Well, it came out great! I’m excited about this one because it really satisfied that carb craving I tend to get and was nice and creamy even though there’s only a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese in there. (oh, and it was only 4 points for a cup, which was really filling.) The starch from the barley really helped create a thick final product.

This one’s definitely going on the “make-again” list.

Here’s the Weight Watchers recipe:

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Did you end up making any changes?